Self-Healing Practices

Self-Healing Exercises

For those who have self-discipline, and a curiosity of increased spiritual insight, David offers group and private instruction in a variety of self-healing techniques. Click here to schedule your first lesson in these mysterious healing techniques.

Eight Silk Brocades– This classic biofield healing sequence was created by an Chinese general (circa 1100 c). These simple movements will produce a notable increase in strength, balance, and immunity in a few short weeks. No wonder it has been popular for centuries.

Self-Chakra Connection- This simple technique will charge and balance your chakras from head to toe so that your energy can flow effortlessly. Just 30 minutes is all you need to feel the benefits. You will learn to use your hands as a means of healing yourself. 

Self-Healing Meditation- This meditation is rooted in ancient Yogic cultures. It is know to simultaneously connect the spiritual and earth energies within the practitioner and help heal new and old injuries.

Standing **** Element Postures†– These postures are taught during beginning stages of self-healing to increase grounding and help to build a strong foundation for spiritual growth. Each posture coincides with the healing and purification of a major internal organ. Postures are gradually increased in time while healing evolves. These postures will support an increase in lean muscle, loss of fat, strength gain, and increased spiritual awareness.

The *** breath†– Don’t let this simple technique fool you. This specialized breathing technique is the keystone to good health and is said to cure 400 sicknesses. Once perfected, this breath will cleanse your inner and outer body while providing a shield of energy around you. This 15-minute breathing exercise will surprise you with its power.

The Yin/**** Hands†– Also known as the formless form, this seated posture is the basis for the “quick-quick” path of self-awakening. This practice will adjust your primary energetic pathway to accept increasing levels of energy that will help fortify your entire body with energy (Qi, Prana, etc.). Thus, this practice will help to transmute energy blocks and prepare the physical body for a multitude of treasured insights.

Please note that there are many additional practices other than the ones listed above but these are the basic foundational esoteric practices. Each level builds upon each other to increase spiritual insight and energy. †Part of The Kunlun System®

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Private and group instruction is available. Please email me for more information.

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