Energy Healing

Your customized energy treatment is a safe and effective way to help balance and strengthen your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. This promotes your natural ability to heal at a rapid pace.

Seated Energy Healing Session– 30 minute seated energy balancing and healing of head, neck, and upper body. $40.00

Reclining Energy Healing Session– 60 minute reclining energy balancing and healing of upper body, lower body, and extremities. $65.00

Comprehensive Healing and Diagrammatic Energy Profile– 60 minute reclining energy healing with personalized comprehensive diagrammatic description of your human energy field. $150.00

Pain Management– Safe and effective pain relief without dangerous side effects. $40.00

Surgical Recovery– Rapid Removal of Anesthesia, restoration of baseline blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism. $65.00

Stress Detox (anxiety and depression relief)– Rapid relaxation technique. $40.00


For those who have self-discipline, and a curiosity of increased spiritual insight, David offers group and private instruction in a variety of esoteric self-healing techniques. These previously hidden practices now known as The Kunlun® System, consist of a combination of standing and sitting postures that help to purify the mind, body and spirit.

You will learn a collection of ancient self-healing practices passed down to a select few. (These practices were once so secret that they were only whispered through hollow bamboo into the ears of the student). 

Students practicing these techniques will gain insight, humility, and gratitude. They will become physically stronger, internally and externally healthier, and gain new understanding of themselves and those around them.

Some examples of these spiritual practices are:

Standing **** Element Postures– These postures are taught during beginning stages of self-healing to increase grounding and help to build a strong foundation for spiritual growth. Each posture coincides with the healing and purification of a major internal organ. Postures are gradually increased in time while healing evolves. These postures will support an increase in lean muscle, loss of fat, strength gain, and increased spiritual awareness.

The *** breath– Don’t let this simple technique fool you. This specialized breathing technique is the keystone to good health and is said to cure 400 sicknesses. Once perfected, this breath will cleanse your inner and outer body while providing a shield of energy around you. This 15-minute breathing exercise will surprise you with its power.

The Yin/**** Hands– Also known as the formless form, this seated posture is the basis for the “quick-quick” path of self-awakening. This practice will adjust your primary energetic pathway to accept increasing levels of energy that will help fortify your entire body with energy (Qi, Prana, etc.). Thus, this practice will help to transmute energy blocks and prepare the physical body for a multitude of treasured insights. 

Private and group instruction is available. Please contact for more information.

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