What is Self-Healing? Self-healing comes in many forms and can be generally defined as any manipulation of one’s internal and/or external energy pattern to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What type of self-healing is taught at Ancient Ways of Health? Ancient forms of energy cultivation such as QiGong and The Water Path of Mystery Schools. More specifically The 8 Silk Brocades and The Kunlun System®.

Is it Safe? These practices are rooted in ancient yogic and asian cultures and has been practiced for centuries. They are one of the oldest and safest ways to restore one’s energy pattern to its original state. 

How does it Work? It works by balancing, and restructuring energy patterns within and around you. Once these patterns are restored, they are clear to flow freely. This increases the amount of energy your body can hold, circulate, and use for self-healing.

How can it benefit me? It promotes your body’s natural ability to heal. This means that new injuries heal faster and old injuries finally heal. 

What types of things can illness can it treat? If you are out of balance, these energy movements can restore your physiology and increase immunity, strength, energy, and insight.

Why should I try it? If you have a childlike curiosity and are open to learn new things, then this is for you. Many insights lay within these practices that will leave you grateful, and humble.

How long will it take to learn? Each person’s has unique physical and emotional circumstances. But your healing process depends upon how much practice you do. In general, 2-3 hours per week will be sufficient.

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