What is Energy Healing? Energy healing comes in many forms and can be generally defined as any manipulation of one’s internal and/or external energy pattern to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What type of energy healing is used at Ancient Ways of Health? David uses a combination of healing modalities including Healing Touch, Raja Energy, Medical QiGong, and Esoteric Healing techniques that are customized to the individual.

Is Energy Healing Safe? Energy Healing is one of the safest and most effective ways to restore one’s energy pattern to it’s original state. In fact, Energy Healing is now being used in many hospitals nationally.

How does Energy Healing Work? Energy Healing works by removing, restoring, and restructuring energy patterns within and around you. Once these patterns are restored, your natural energy can flow unimpeded.

How can Energy Healing benefit me? Energy Healing promotes your body’s natural ability to heal. This means that new and old injuries heal faster. 

What types of things can Energy Healing treat? Energy Healing is thought to treat: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Physical Injuries, Emotional Injuries, Migraine Headaches, and also help in surgical recovery. If you are out of balance, energy healing can resolve almost any related condition.

Why should I try Energy Healing? Energy Healing works on your entire energy body (inner, outer, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Energy Healing can help identify and resolve issues that are hard to diagnose and treat with conventional medicine.

Why should I use Ancient Ways of Health for my Energy Healing needs? David has a background in science and has studied multiple healing modalities. He combines his knowledge to give a balanced treatment that is safe and effective. David is one of the few Energy Healing practitioners that can tell you the science behind the energy healing techniques he uses. David wants you to be at your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual best. He cares about your personal journey to wellness and won’t hesitate to refer you to another professional medicine practitioner if he thinks he can’t help you.

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