Heartfelt gratitude for each of the individuals listed below. Thank you for your courageous and inspiring teachings and support.  (click on picture for the associated webpage):

Anita Moorjani

Hands of Light  Seeds-of-the-Spirit Barbara Brennan

book_cover  Max and Diana Christensen (Everywhere)

x1049.jpg.pagespeed.ic.v5dTiKq1xx  Cyndi Dale

  Dr. Asha Devereaux (Coronado, Ca.)

400000000000000091753_s4  Donna and David Eden (Everywhere)

  Martin Feisst (Raja Energy)

8501238  Jeff and Janice Godfrey (East Coast- Spirit of Tao Kunlun School, Three Treasures Tea)

tao-arts  Jan Gunzel (Germany, Tao-Arts)

  Valeria V. Hunt PhD (Human Biofield Research)

  Wuji  Quang and Laura Lam (Phoenix, AZ. Wuji Wellness)

JennyHead  Jenny Lamb (Colorado, Eastern Internal Arts)

dreamhealer-a-true-story-of-miracle-healings  Adam Mcleod

lynne-mctaggart-the-field  Lynne McTaggert

healing with whole foods  Paul Pitchford

imgres  Kan Sasaki (Japan, Kan Portal)

576108_332640376823850_1748029879_n  Lori Wilson (San Diego, CA. Fertile Turtle Acupuncture)

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