Discover the Magic of The Tea Ceremony

Tea has naturally occurring nutrients like antioxidant and catechins that help reduce stress, increase circulation, and improve mental clarity. There are many styles of leaf preparation to explore on your journey to understand the many blessings of tea. Sign up for one of the many classes and learn the finer characteristics and nuance of this magical plant.

Tea Gong– Explore the subtle nuance of tea while learning basic principles of the ancient healing art of Qi Gong. This class will introduce you to some basic qigong postures that will help improve circulation, increase bone density, and restore balance.

World Explorer– Journey around the world and explore the many countries that grow and produce tea. This fun and informative class will help teach one how to identify and appreciate the cultural, regional, and preparative differences within each region.

Introduction to Tea– This class will touch on the basic principles of tea drinking including steep time, tea instruments, growing regions, and more. You’ll learn the basics of tea preparation and drinking while exploring numerous characteristics of multiple teas.

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