2023 Tea Classes

World Explorer– Journey around the world and explore the many types of tea produced from different countries. This fun and informative class will help teach one how to identify and appreciate the cultural, regional, and preparative differences of tea that occur within each region. Which tea will you favor most? Dates coming soon. $44.00 ea.

Introduction to Tea- This class will touch upon the basic principles of tea drinking including steep time, tea instruments, growing regions, and more. You’ll learn the most important aspects of tea preparation while exploring numerous characteristics of multiple teas. Each student will learn to pour, smell, and examine the teas. Leaf selection is customized for each class. Dates coming soon $44.00 ea.

All About White– The world of tea is expansive and diverse. There are numerous types of teas, each with their own special qualities. One of the most treasured types of tea is white. This class will introduce you to many varieties of white tea and explore the nuanced aspects of what makes them so unique. A minimum of four teas will be brewed and sampled. Dates coming soon. $22.00 ea.

Tea Gong- Tea has many healing compounds that enhance well-being. Enjoy a special selection of teas and learn Qi Gong postures that can help increase your health. The techniques taught in this class are known to improve circulation, prevent bone loss, and enhance physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. Dates coming soon. $22.00 ea.

In 2737 b.c. a walking sage stopped to rest in the forest and drink the water of a gentle river. While boiling the water a strong wind blew tea leaves into his pot. The fragrant smell and taste left him invigorated, enlightened, and joyous. This is the birth of the tea ceremony. What nuances will you discover on your tea journey?